How does SMGO work with fans to save a show?


The process of starting a show starts here.  In this first step, we rely on members of the smgo.tv community like you, to tell us which shows we should crowdfund.

If you have a show you want us to help you save, here’s what you should do:

1.  Navigate to Suggest a Show

2.  Tell us the title of your show (and any other information about it you can quickly provide – year, network etc.)

3.  Click Suggest

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can email your request directly to suggest@smgo.tv.

Once we receive a number of private requests for a particular show, that show is moved to our public voting system where fans can help demonstrate their commitment to bringing back their show.


Voting is the second step in the process – here we gauge how much interest you and other fans have in continuing your show.  All shows currently up for voting were entirely suggested by fans using our suggestion system.

This step is crucial to bringing back your show, and you should do everything possible to convince other fans to come and show their support for the show by voting for on smgo.tv.  Every show into the voting phase is given a certain voting benchmark that needs to be met before going into our funding stage.  Keep in mind, you can only vote once, and you need to be logged in to do so.

Once we have reached our voting benchmark, we will reach out to the appropriate production studio.  We have the voting phase so we can prove to your show’s production studio that we have a realistic chance to crowdfund your show.  Shows cannot transition to the funding phase without production studio approval.

Because we are still a relatively new company, there may be a small gap between when a show reaches its voting benchmark and when it goes to the funding stage – please be patient – shows are incredibly large endeavors to bring back and we need to make sure every stakeholder is on board.  We will always try to keep you as “in-the-loop” as we can.

If your show has reached the voting benchmark and been approved by its parent studio, we will move it to the crowdfunding stage.

Vote now!


Once in the fund stage – your show has exactly 90 days to reach its funding goal.  During this stage, you and other fans become Show Sponsors by choosing how much to contribute to help fund your show.

To become a Show Sponsor, simply select a reward pack that fits your needs (and pocketbook).  These reward packs range from box sets and other show specific “swag,” to unique once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences, and nearly everything in-between.  Some reward packs may contain limited edition/limited run items, and if you consider yourself a devout fan, we strongly encourage you to pledge early to secure these rewards.  Show reward packs will be customized

Rest assured, all transactions are made through PayPal for added account security.  And unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we don’t charge you a fee to fund your show. Lastly, we use an “all-or-nothing” approach to crowdfunding, meaning that if we don’t reach our funding goal, you pay nothing – no payments are triggered.

Once our goal is reached and a production contract is signed, we tell PayPal to process your payment, your money is transferred directly from you to PayPal to your show’s production studio.  SMGO does not, at any point, handle your transactions or charge a fee – our role in this stage is to act as your advocate and get your show back!

If we reach our goal and a production contract is signed, your show goes back into production.

Shows to fund


Hooray!  We’ve reached our goal, signed a contract and your show is definitely coming back!

Producing your show is our favorite part of the process because we get to capture exclusive interviews, production stills and breaking news about your show, and put them up here at smgo.tv for your viewing enjoyment.  During this phase expect lots of exclusive content, including an insider’s view into how your show is being produced.

While the show is in production we’ll also be busy getting your reward packs ready.  Because shows vary in the amount of production time needed, each successfully funded project will include a production and release schedule.


We did it!  Your show is back for one more season and now’s the time to rally the troops, whip up your legendary party dish, grab your favorite beverage, and get watching!

Show sponsors will be able to stream their show, with no commercial breaks, here on smgo.tv.

If for some reason, you couldn’t help fund the show, don’t worry – you can still watch it here on smgo.tv with limited commercial breaks.

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