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Legend of The Seeker

Welcome Seeker Fans!

Even after 3 years since the show’s cancellation, the Save Our Seeker campaign is still remarkably active and SMGO has received thousands of requests, moving Legend of the Seeker to the voting phase.  

If fans can mobilize and get this show to the required 15,000 votes, we’ll take your requests to the producers and present Legend of the Seeker as a viable crowdfunding opportunity. Once we have their permission, we’ll move your show to the funding phase.

Required Votes: 15,000

Show Information:

Legend of the Seeker follows the extraordinary transformation of woodsman Richard Cypher into a magical leader who joins with a mysterious, beautiful woman and a powerful wizard to stop a bloodthirsty, sinister tyrant, and eventually the Keeper of the Underworld.

Loosely based on Terry Goodkind’s bestselling epic fantasy series “The Sword of Truth,” Legend of the Seeker is an Emmy Award winner for “Outstanding Music Composition for a Series” (2009), received an Emmy Nomination for “Outstanding Main Title Theme Music” (2010), and made it to “TV Guide Most Popular TV Shows” (2011).

Produced by ABC Studios, the show aired as first-run syndication, and was cancelled in April 2010 after Tribune, the major distributor of the series, decided not to renew the show. In addition to the United States, broadcast rights for Legend of the Seeker have been picked up in more than 60 international markets boosting the fan base to an estimated 15 million worldwide.

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More information about Legend of the Seeker and the fan campaign can be found on Wikipedia and respectively.

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