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Welcome Motorcity Fans!


We have received a huge influx of people asking to bring back this obviously beloved show.  Motorcity has a unique and refreshing animation style and features an excellent voice acting cast led by Mark Hamill and Reid Scott.  The shows fans, called Burners, were adamant about bringing this show back, and because of their tenacity, we’ve decided to put this show up for a vote.

Required votes: 2500


Show Information:

Motorcity is set in the dystopian future city of Detroit – a city exclusively owned and operated by Abraham Kane (Mark Hamill), an evil billionaire bent on banning everyday freedoms including the use of private vehicles.  In Deluxe Detroit – a city that hangs over the failed old Detroit – a group of hot-rod wielding rebels, known as the Burners, rise up to protect the last bastion of freedom – Motorcity.

Motorcity was created by Titmouse, Inc. and aired on Disney XD for 1 season and 20 episodes.  While the show bred a very devoted fan following, it failed to attract enough continual fans, and was eventually cancelled on November 5, 2012.  The final episode of Motocity aired on January 7, 2013.

Fans frustrated by Disney’s handling of the show have taken to social media platforms to try to save their show – including creating a petition on petitioning Disney to renew the series for another season.

If fans can raise 2500 votes here on SMGO, this show will move to the funding phase where fans will be offered the chance to crowdfund the broadcasting rights for this show.

More information about Motorcity  can be found in its Wikipedia Page and its IMDB Page.

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