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Welcome Tron: Uprising Fans!


After a whole slew of requests, Tron: Uprising has finally been moved to the voting phase!  If members of the community here at SMGO can mobilize and get this show to the required 2500 votes, we’ll take your requests to Disney and present Tron: Uprising as a viable crowdfunding opportunity. Once we have their permission, we’ll move your show to the funding phase.


Required Votes: 2500


Show Information:

Tron: Uprising follows the story of Beck as he leads a revolution against the villainous Clu inside the digital word known as The Grid.  The story is based inside Disney’s Tron Franchise and features a unique animation style and great cast led by Elijah Wood as Beck.  The show was officially cancelled on January 28, 2013.

Tron: Uprising aired on Disney and Disney XD for a total of 19 episodes.  The show had relatively high viewership and very active fans until its move to Disney XD.  After the move, the show’s active viewing population dropped quickly, and by the end of January, the show was cancelled.

If fans can demonstrate their commitment to the series by raising 2500 votes, we’ll approach the parent production studio and present it as a viable crowdfunding opportunity!  If you’re a fan of Tron: Uprising, sign up and vote!

More information about Tron: Uprising can be found in its Wikipedia Page and its IMDB Page.

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